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The Struggles That Sellers Face

We live in fascinating times.  Despite the state of the economy, people have the opportunity to leverage the internet in a way that allows them to run a business from the comfort of home.  Now that smart phones and tablets are in wide use, people can literally run their business from anywhere.

Even local businesses that have “brick and mortar” locations can use the internet to find and serve more customers.

Many people understand that there is plenty of money to be made using the internet, but more often than not, those people discover a harsh reality.  They open an online shop or start a blog or join a social network and wait for the sales to pour in.  They wait…  and wait…  and wait.

In most cases, people give up or end up spending more money than they are making.  It becomes all too clear that it’s not enough to just open a shop or build a website.  Customers don’t arrive just because you exist online.

Those who start digging for answers find out that they need to use SEO and Social Media, but where do you start.  How do you get it going and then keep it going.  Then another reality sets in.  Many people find they either don’t have the time, or don’t have the money, or have neither to do all the right things to get more customers and sales.

What are people to do?


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All that stuff about SEO and backlinks and social networking you have heard about is not a bunch of internet hocus pocus, but it can seem like magic to some.  The thing is, it is just another form of marketing.

Actually, it’s not just another form of marketing.  It is the newest, hottest, and very much required form of marketing.  You may have noticed some pretty big names on places like facebook and twitter.  Businesses like Macy’s, McDonalds, Nike… shoot!  What business isn’t on facebook these days.

You may have noticed that when you see a commercial on TV that they tell you to follow them on Twitter or facebook and sometimes you will see something about Foursquare.

No doubt you have heard about Pinterest.  If you haven’t, I don’t know how you missed it.  Pinterest is super hot and rising.

The reason big business and small business is on the internet is because that is where all of their customers are.  People find what they are looking for by using the internet.  It’s just a fact.

And like with any type of marketing, be it online or offline, it takes an on-going marketing effort to reach and hold your customer base.

… but on-going marketing can be expensive, which is why people try to do it themselves.  Do big and small businesses do their own marketing?

They either hire their own people to handle marketing or they outsource the work to people who specialize in this new age of product promotion.  Either way, money is spent on marketing expertise.

The cost for any worthwhile marketing approach is typically a monthly cost and can easily reach into the hundreds or thousands of dollars.  The cost is justified though because for big and small businesses, just a couple more customers per month will cover the cost of their internet marketing expenses.

So, what about the small-small business people?  People like sellers of crafts or other products and services.  Their price points are typically very low relative to brick and mortar businesses.  If they try to buy into a serious marketing solution, their profits can be swallowed up long before the number of sales rise high enough to cover the expense.


What Is The Solution?1x1.trans Welcome To Handmade Marketing

One of the biggest problems we try to help people tackle are the time and money aspects of using the internet to promote their business and products.  We have been working on ways to bring the cost of much needed marketing services down to a fraction of what they would normally cost.

Handmade Marketing (that’s us) is usually exploring and testing  different tactics to find useful solutions.  We have recently been testing a new model of marketing that, while worth hundreds and even thousands of dollars per month, will only cost between $20 to $40 per month.

That means as your shop or website begins to get more visibility, it will only take a couple of extra sales per month to cover your marketing costs.

Testing has begun!  If you are not already part of one of our tests, stay tuned for details outlining the details and results of the test.  We will be posting the results of the work as we go forward.

If you would like to be one of the first to be able to benefit from new and low cost marketing solutions please contact us in one of the following ways:

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