Tools And Resources

Here you can find a list of useful tools and resources that we use to grow our business.

Project Management And Collaboration

We get a lot of mileage out of this handy online tool.  It ties in other helpful resources too, such as Google Drive and Dropbox.  It lets you manage tasks, projects, deals, and contacts.  You can build a team or work alone.  I have a bad habit of trying to keep everything in my head, but this tool lets me quickly create and assign tasks and specify a due date.  It also gives you a way to make and store notes.  The notes feature is really helpful to me because I am a stream of consciousness kind of person and my desk used to be littered with strange scribbled notes that had no organization most of the time.  With the notes feature, I have been able to dump my mind into it and effectively go back and make use of the information later.

Definitely go check it out and see how you can put it to use in your business or life.  I know it has been a tremendous help to me and has allowed me to get more accomplished.

You can’t have been doing work online for very long without coming across or at least hearing about Evernote.  If somehow you haven’t at least heard about this tool, make sure you take a moment to explore this tool.  This is like the ultimate note storage tool.  You can store written notes, images, and audio.  One of the very powerful features this tool has is the ability to do a text search on images.  If you have words as part of an image, you can find them.  I have literally taken pictures of handwritten notes and saved them to evernote and then searched the words in the note.  You would be surprised at how hand that is; if you don’t already know.

Be sure that if you do start using this tool, to get the phone app for it as well.  It is so useful to be able to make audio notes or take pictures of something important and have it all sent to evernote and organized for your use later.  Don’t pass this one by.

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