Testing In Progress

What Is The Goal Of The Testing?

For sellers and shop owners, the main goal of any kind of marketing is to increase sales.  There are many ways to accomplish that end, most of the options either require a lot of time, effort, and know-how on the part of the seller or a lot of money for marketing services or both.

The main purpose of the testing is to achieve:

  • More traffic to a specific site or shop
  • Increase search engine result rankings for a specific site or shop
  • Keep the cost of marketing low


The testing will help to determine if we can generate traffic and increase search rankings for websites or shops while keeping costs at a minimum.


What Is Involved In The Testing?

The basic design behind this approach to marketing and promotion is comprised of two main parts:

Building a website designed to funnel targeted traffic to the destination website or shop

Steadily and gradually build backlinks to the destination website or shop in order to increase search rankings and organic search traffic

By using these two components, the end result should be both short and long term traffic and rankings.


How Do The External Websites Work?

The core content of the websites will consist mainly of the images and details of the destination websites and shops.  Using a separate website from the destination  website or shop affords us the ability to perform a wider range of SEO optimization which will ideally result in more traffic.  This will also improve the ranking and authority of the external website which will, in turn, pass along rank and authority to the destination website/shop.

This creates a system that will grow in value over time bolstering any SEO and marketing efforts being deployed.


How Will Backlinks Be Created?

We plan to leverage a variety of SEO and marketing tactics and methods that will raise website visibility and authority in a natural and search engine friendly manner.

These methods include:

  • Directory submissions
  • RSS submissions
  • Article creation and submissions
  • Document creation and submissions
  • Advertisement submissions
  • Video creation and submissions
  • Press release creations and submissions
  • Social media
  • Social bookmarking
  • Web 2.0 property management

Using these methods will generate traffic as well as backlinks to the external and destination website/shop.


How Can I Get The Test Progress And Results?

We will be reporting the progress and testing results to our mailing list as well as posting details on this website.


Feel free to leave comments below to ask any questions you may have.




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