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What Is Holding Up Your Business?

I’ve b1x1.trans What Is Holding Up Your Business?een reminded several times this week of something that I already knew, but definitely needed to be refocused on. It is something that separates successful businesses from struggling businesses. It’s about foundation and goals. I listen to a lot of podcasts and read lots of business related material and it just so happens that a prevailing theme for this week has been about making sure that the purpose of what you are doing is kept in mind in everything that goes into the business. That includes the website, the messages, the advertisements, the images, the videos, and anything that has to do with your business. If the foundation is weak and the goals are not in place, then anything you build will tend to crumble, fail, and fall.

I have a philosophy that I follow that I lovingly refer to as, follow the why.  I come from a pretty solid background of problem solving; thanks to the type of work that I have done for many years now. The idea is pretty simple and very powerful. With anything that you do or any problem you come up against, if you follow the why, you can pretty much count on success. Whether it is solving a problem or working on some project, if you understand the purpose, you have the key to success.

I talked about this a little bit in a previous post: “Hanging Together By A Thread“.  The simplified success formula is:


An analogy I like to use is driving.  If we take the “WHY” out of the equation, we might have a map that shows us how to get to a destination and we have the action of driving to that destination, but why are we driving there?  What is the purpose or the reason.  Now we just wasted time, energy, and gas to get to somewhere that we had no reason to be.

The same thing can happen in business.  If we don’t have a clear purpose or a goal for our business, in other words, we don’t clearly know why we are in business, then we run the risk of wasting time, money, and energy on things we don’t need to do. Read more

The Curse Of Time Versus Money For Entrepreneurs

1x1.trans The Curse Of Time Versus Money For EntrepreneursWhen you are an entrepreneur, there is an everlasting battle being fought against cost.  Often times, small business owners and entrepreneurs focus on cost in terms of dollars and cents, but the overlook the costs in terms of time.  It is very important to recognize and respect the distinction.  I know in the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, I searched long and hard for how to make a business work on a shoestring budget; even a zero budget.  Sure enough, if you seek, you shall find.  The problem is, in many cases when you eliminate a cost in dollars it increases the cost in time.  The most common example is doing things yourself as opposed to paying for someone else to do it for you; whatever “it” might be.

After you finish reading this post, you may be able to find money or resources you didn’t realize you had.  read carefully and at least consider the suggestions and ideas presented here and I am confident that you will be able to have more money to put towards your business and more time to spend on the things that matter most.

To keep things in terms of marketing and business, let’s look at SEO, for example.  SEO might seem to some to be some sort of magical skill that only techies or high-level marketing firms can handle and perform effectively.  The truth is, anyone can learn and implement SEO.  Here is where the cost comparison comes into play though.  You can either spend time to learn SEO and then spend time implementing it or you can pay someone for this service.  If you do it yourself, you are saving money, but the time being spent to perform SEO tasks is time that could have been spent focusing on the primary goals of your business.  So it comes down to the value you place on your personal time as well as the time being diverted from other things that need to be accomplished.

So, what are we to do? Read more

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Hanging Together By A Thread

1x1.trans Hanging Together By A ThreadOne of my biggest handicaps is my habit of spreading myself too thin.  I have always been interested in too many things at the same time.  Add to that a seemingly endless string of thoughts and ideas and it can make for a real mess when trying to get anything accomplished.  Sometimes I can’t even get all my thoughts down before I am distracted by another.  Now, some people might view all this as a bad thing.  A good while back, even I thought it was kind of a bad thing.  However, I realized that if I could get a handle on it and improve my ability to focus, it could be a very good thing.

It hit me one day when I heard someone complaining about writer’s block.  I’ve heard similar complaints from many people over time about writing, painting, coding, and all sorts of other creative areas.  When I got to a point in life where I needed to actually harness some of my ideas, I could see that an endless flood of ideas would be a marvelous thing.  The bad news is that this is just the first step… realization.

Realization is a very very powerful tool for transforming one’s self.  Next comes doing something about it.  So, what does one do in order to harness an incoming flood of thoughts and ideas.

Organization Is Key

I’ve always struggled with organizational skills, but in the pursuit of fulfilling a need, improvements must be made.  The need?  In general, the need is to turn some of the thoughts and ideas into reality.  My thoughts are often leaning towards entrepreneurial pursuits, so there is usually something business-y up my sleeve.  I’m not perfect, but I have come a long way.  If you are like me and struggle with sorting what is important and what is not and prioritizing what needs to be done, I highly recommend “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey.  It’s a great way to start down the path to being more efficient and organized.

Aside from reading material to understand the fundamentals of organization, there are a number of tools I have tried while on my path to better focus and accomplishment.  The big thing for me was finding a way to capture my ideas and grow them.  The ones I have come to settle with are: Read more

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