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How To Reach The Friends Of Your Facebook Fans

I wanted to point out one of 1x1.trans How To Reach The Friends Of Your Facebook Fansthe downsides of a fan base created largely out of Facebook Ladders and Like Sharing.  Then I want to show you how to reach the friends of your Facebook fans.

Getting Facebook Fans Using Ladders

If you don’t already know what Facebook Ladders are or what Like Sharing is, they are powerful ways to grow your Facebook fans.  The idea is simple.

  • Someone posts a “Ladder” or “Like Share” in their timeline
  • Each participant leaves one or more comments for this post containing a link to a Facebook Fan Page (referred to as a “shout out”)
  • Each participant visits each of the fan page links left in the comments using their personal profile and clicks the “Like” button.

There are several variations of the but the overall effect is the same.  The fan pages that are included in these comments get lots of “likes” or new fans.  Not only does this grow your fan base, but it is real people.  Since the fan base is made of real people, it means the respective fan page posts have a chance to get seen by many people and potentially experience some viral action.

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