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Squeeze More Value Out Of Your RSS Feed

This is anothe1x1.trans Squeeze More Value Out Of Your RSS Feedr post that I originally shared on Etsy.  I definitely wanted to bring it over to the blog.

This is a cool trick that uses your RSS feed to automatically generate traffic and build backlinks to your sites. That’s right; automatic.


What is RSS?

For those of you who are not familiar RSS, it stands for Real Simple Syndication; not to be confused with Etsy shop syndication.

There is a bit of a myth that Etsy has done away with RSS feeds for shops. This is not true, they are still there, but you have to know where to look.

In another browser tab or window type in the URL to your shop but add “/rss” to the end of it and hit the “enter” key.

For example, my shop’s RSS feed URL looks like this:


Basically, it shows the last 10 things that were listed in your shop.

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