Social Media Links Contest – Win 100 Links!

1x1.trans Social Media Links Contest Win 100 Links!Hello vendors, shop owners, small business owners, and online business persons!

Right now you have the chance to win 100 free Social Media links which can be pointed to your online stores, blogs, and websites.  We are running a contest that ends November 30th at midnight (EST).

Go here to check it out:  http://handmade-marketing/linkscontest

Who Cares?

You should!  Backlinks are important in your online marketing efforts.  Some of you may have been scared away from backlinking because of all the changes that Google and other search engines have made.

Actually, the search engines are making it better.  They have made it so that quality backlinks receive the most search engine love.  It used to be that you could blast a website with a bunch of any kind of links and it would rank really well.  Now, the links need to be from quality sources and should be related to where they are pointing to.

So, What Is So Great About These Social Media Links?

Glad you asked!  First of all, these particular links are from real people that share websites on popular social media networks.  I will be revealing the source for these soon so you can get loads of them for yourself without having to win them in one of our contests.

The search engines love these links.  Now more than ever, social queues have become really important.  These indicate your activity with the community related to your business or your website.

One of the other great things about these links, aside from their rank boosting power, is that you can get regular traffic just from people running across the social bookmark and link shared to your site.  These can even go viral!

If I Don’t Win, How Else Can I Get These Links?

As mentioned above, I will be revealing my source soon so you can get these great links for yourself.  Handmade Marketing will also be selling a service where we do the hard work of configuring your link information so you can spend time doing what you do best… running your business.

Keep an eye out for up coming posts to find out more about our source and how you can just pay us for this service.

You can also join our mailing list to stay informed about upcoming posts and events.  Be sure to follow us on twitter or like us on facebook.

Best of luck!


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