Sneaky Keyword Research Trick

1x1.trans Sneaky Keyword Research TrickThis was posted in the Etsy forums by us shortly after the Handmade Marketing shop was opened.

This is a handy trick for figuring out the best keywords to use for your shop items. I haven’t really seen anyone talk about this yet, but some of you may already know this trick.

It’s a keyword tool that is right under our noses!

Have you ever noticed that when you start typing in the Etsy search box that it tries to guess what you are looking for by giving you real-time term matches?

You can actually use this to your advantage. That key term matching is based on the commonly searched on keywords and phrases. As vendors, this helps with trying to know how to title, describe, and tag your items.

How Does This Help?

Knowing what words people use to find what they are looking for means that you can use those same words to describe your items. This can help you in two main ways:

1) Traffic – Naturally, if you are optimizing your listings using words that people search with, your items will have a better chance of showing up in the search results.

2) Relevancy – Sometimes vendors will use very few words to describe their items. While they may be extremely accurate, fewer words means less exposure.

Both of these are very closely tied together and the key to it is balance. You don’t want to use too few words and you don’t want to use too many and here is why:

Part of the reason we all work so hard to make sure the right keywords in the right places is not to just attract traffic, rather it is to attract “targeted” traffic.

I would rather have 8 visitors out of which 6 buy something than have 100 visitors out of which 2 buy something. Make sense?

How Do I use This Method?

  1. try to pick some very basic terms that relate to your item.
  2. Type each basic term into the Etsy search box. Immediately you will see the list of terms the Etsy thinks you are potentially going to use based on historical search data.
  3. Take note of other terms that pop up that relate closely to your item.
  4. Take note of the ordering of the suggested words.
  5. After you have gone through with your orignal list of words, do one more pass using new terms you have discovered.

Now, it would be great if Etsy allowed us to see how often these terms were searched…. *cough* *cough* Etsy? *wink* *wink* *nudge*

However, that feature is not available yet. What you can do though is take your new found words to two other places for more of an inside look at these terms.

Google Keyword Tool: Put your words into the Googles keyword tool. (Just go to google and search for: google keyword tool). This can give you (while not fully accurate) an idea of how popular these search terms are. This may help you decide which terms might score you more hits than others.

NOTE: The reason I say “not fully accurate” is because, the traffic numbers found in the Google Keyword Tool are based on adwords competition and historical search usage in google. I assume Etsy uses their own historical search data.

Google Insights: Go to Google Insights. (Go to google and search for: google insights). This can give you decent trend information that can tell you if search terms are gaining, maintaining, or losing popularity.

Combine the most relevant terms you have found that appear to get the most traffic to form a robust title, description, and tags.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.  Also, if anyone has more accurate or additional info to go along with this, your thoughts are welcome.

Best of luck everyone! I hope this is helpful to you.

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