Naming Your Handmade Business

T1x1.trans Naming Your Handmade Businesshink about how creative you want to get with your name:

Self Explanatory – Do you want people to know exactly what your company does or sells as soon as they hear the name? There are obvious benefits to having a self explanatory name but it doesn’t leave too much room for creativity.

Abstract – This leaves a bit more to the imagination for your customers but can work great for grabbing someone’s attention. You can get more creative if you’re taking this approach and leave it up to your logo and tagline to inform customers what your business is all about.

Coined Names – You can really get creative with this approach making up your own word, combining two words or using one from a different language. If you’re using this type of name, make sure that it isn’t too hard to pronounce or spell and that it rolls off your tongue (think of Kijiji or Koodo), if people can’t pronounce it, they won’t say it.

What do you want your name to say? You should try to give your potential customers a feeling as to what type of business you run. Is your business fun and creative with out of the box thinking or is it a by the books, get problems solved quickly type of business? Either way you should try to convey this in your company’s name and logo.

Think about the future of your company – If you’re focusing on something specific but think you may want to expand down the road, don’t box yourself in with too specific of a name. “Edmonton’s Pajama Shop” is no good if you want to expand to a whole clothing line that sells across the country one day.

Take a look at your competition – Is there someone else out there doing what you are or similar? Find a way to set yourself apart from them. Koodo Mobile stands out with their name and bright advertisements full of coined words, letting customers know that they’re different from the other phone companies out there and that they’re directed at a younger crowd.

Consider domains – If you want to have a website or will rely on one in the future to sell your products globally you’ll want to do a domain search. If name is taken, you may want to reconsider or explore the options of adding additional words to your url. For example if “” is taken, you keep your original name and add “jewellery” to the domain name; “”. You could also consider less popular domains such as “.net”, “.org” or “.ca”

Before you commit to a name, test drive it – Think about it for a couple days, say it out loud, write it down, consider how it will look in a logo, and get other people’s opinions. You are going to build your company on this name; you want to be sure that other people will love it as much as you do and that it will be a name that can grow with you.

Erin is the founder of Made Urban an online marketplace for buying and selling handmade locally.

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