Kicking This Thing Off

Ok!  So, I finally am getting around to getting the blog portion of this site started.  I know from an external point of view, it must seem as though I am dragging my feet, however; this is not quite true.

Unfortunately, I have a rather terrible habit of involving myself in too many projects at once.  As such, this site has gathered a bit of dust.  I am making this site one of my main focuses and plan to create something like a platform for marketers of handmade goods to learn and grow and, of course, sell more of their things.

We have been doing some testing as much as we can in order to find a cost effective way for online shop vendors to leverage the power of internet marketing techniques without the need to divert their attention from what they do best.  In other words, we are trying to create an online marketing service to boost traffic and sales for online shop vendors.  So far, things are going well, but the tests are still going… so more to come on that.

Keep an eye out for more.  We will be adding more content and changing the site a little bit, but ultimately, we are trying to provide some good information and opportunities for those who need and want it.

Until next time, happy marketing to you!

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