How To Reach The Friends Of Your Facebook Fans

I wanted to point out one of 1x1.trans How To Reach The Friends Of Your Facebook Fansthe downsides of a fan base created largely out of Facebook Ladders and Like Sharing.  Then I want to show you how to reach the friends of your Facebook fans.

Getting Facebook Fans Using Ladders

If you don’t already know what Facebook Ladders are or what Like Sharing is, they are powerful ways to grow your Facebook fans.  The idea is simple.

  • Someone posts a “Ladder” or “Like Share” in their timeline
  • Each participant leaves one or more comments for this post containing a link to a Facebook Fan Page (referred to as a “shout out”)
  • Each participant visits each of the fan page links left in the comments using their personal profile and clicks the “Like” button.

There are several variations of the but the overall effect is the same.  The fan pages that are included in these comments get lots of “likes” or new fans.  Not only does this grow your fan base, but it is real people.  Since the fan base is made of real people, it means the respective fan page posts have a chance to get seen by many people and potentially experience some viral action.

The Up Side

For a while, there was a popular method of building a fan base and getting tons of likes by using places like  You could pay someone to generate the likes for you.  Typically this mean that you would get loads of likes from fake profiles.  This is bad for two reasons:

  1. It’s impossible to market to fake people.
  2. Facebook actively searches and removes fake profiles.

Having a fan page of all or mostly fake profile likes could also lead to negative action by Facebook administrators.

So, building a fan base made of real people is good… right?  Yes…. well, mostly.

The Down Side

So, yes, it’s great that your fan page has likes from real people, but there is a fairly large problem when a fan base is built this way.  Since most if not all of the people who have liked your page are also likely interested in promoting something such as a cause or to sell products, it means that your fan base is full of other marketers or business owners.

So, what you will likely encounter is that when you post something to your timeline, it does get seen, but you may get little to no interaction from your fans.  It’s kind of like trying to sell water to other businesses that also sell water.

However, don’t despair.  There is still a lot of potential value in your fan base.


How To Reach The Friends Of Your Facebook Fans

The basic way, as you very likely already know, to reach the friends of your fans is by one or more of your fans liking, commenting, or sharing one of your posts.  When one of your fans does those things, it is seen by anyone following them on Facebook.  The action gets bigger if one or more of those friends performs an action.

Handmade Marketing has come up with a way to take Like Sharing and Ladders to the next level.  We are calling it “Super Pin“.  It is one of the cooperative marketing methods we are developing to help all of our clients, fans, and friends in business.

Let’s take a look at fan page insights to see why it is so important to reach into the friends of your Facebook fans.  Below is a snapshot of insights information from a Facebook fan page:

1x1.trans How To Reach The Friends Of Your Facebook Fans

From your fan page, you can click on the Insights image and it will take you to your fan page analytics.  You will see lots of information, but the two things we are focusing on here are the number of fans and friends of those fans.  You can see that just by having several hundred fans that you have a potential reach of hundreds of thousands.

If you are running a fan page for your businesses, this pool of friends of fans is your potential customer base.  By reaching into this layer, you can get traffic to your promotions and grow your brand visibility.

Facebook, as of the time of this post, offers a way for you to promote your posts.  You can pay $5 or $10 to gain exposure to many more people than are in your fan base.  That is great and I fully encourage any businesses operating a fan page to utilize this feature of Facebook.  However, this can end up costing lots of money as you promote more and more posts; tossing your promotions to the wind.

With a “Super Pin”, you can reach into this huge pool of potential customers for free.  Now, as with some Facebook Ladders, there may be marketers or hosts of these Super Pins who may charge for some aspect of participating in a Super Pin, but I am sure there will be plenty of free opportunities.

The benefits of participating in a Super Pin is clear:

  • More traffic to your promotions
  • Greater visibility of your brand
  • More fan page likes from people visiting your super pinned post

Handmade Marketing plans on running Super Pins for free.  To find out how a Super Pin works, take a look at our Super Pin Infographic for more details.  For anyone who has participated in a Like Share or Facebook Ladder, you will see that the steps are very similar with the exception of liking or sharing a pinned post as opposed to liking a fan page that has been shouted out in a comment.

We look forward to running these Super Pins and we hope you benefit greatly from them.  Please feel free to leave a comment.  We would certainly appreciate it if you take just a moment to like, tweet, or share this post.

Best of luck!

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2 comments on “How To Reach The Friends Of Your Facebook Fans

  1. Awesome, bummed I missed the first one.

    • Anthony Hall says:

      Not to worry… We have plenty more on the way. Make sure you have us listed in your “interest list” or following us on twitter. The Super Pin didn’t get posted to twitter due to a little glitch, but I will try to make certain that the notifications go out on at least facebook and twitter.

      I may not be able to run one tonight, but I will try…. if not tonight. I will definitely be running one tomorrow.

      Hope to see you there!

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