How To Put Google Analytics On Facebook

Sometimes it is handy to know how to put Google Analytics on Facebook. If you need a way to do this, this tutorial gives you a very simple way to do exactly that.

You will need two things in order to make this work:

Static HTML, which is a facebook app you can find here:

You will also need a Google Analytics account which you can get from here:

With the Static HTML app, you will create a tab on your fan page in Facebook. It is the traffic to the tab that you will be tracking.  As of the time of this post, there is currently not a way to track traffic on your fan page directly.

I show an example at the end of the tutorial of how this type of tab can be useful for capturing your visitors on top of being able to monitor the traffic.


Why Put Google Analytics On Facebook?

In general, it is good to monitor your website or social media traffic in as much detail as possible in order to understand your visitors better.  Using analytics data, you can optimize your content and not only provide a better experience for your visitors, but attract more visitors.

Now that social media is growing, it is good to monitor this type of traffic too.  Facebook is one of the typically used social media platforms, so it just makes sense to find a way to monitor this traffic.


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