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Naming Your Handmade Business

T1x1.trans Naming Your Handmade Businesshink about how creative you want to get with your name:

Self Explanatory – Do you want people to know exactly what your company does or sells as soon as they hear the name? There are obvious benefits to having a self explanatory name but it doesn’t leave too much room for creativity.

Abstract – This leaves a bit more to the imagination for your customers but can work great for grabbing someone’s attention. You can get more creative if you’re taking this approach and leave it up to your logo and tagline to inform customers what your business is all about.

Coined Names – You can really get creative with this approach making up your own word, combining two words or using one from a different language. If you’re using this type of name, make sure that it isn’t too hard to pronounce or spell and that it rolls off your tongue (think of Kijiji or Koodo), if people can’t pronounce it, they won’t say it.

What do you want your name to say? You should try to give your potential customers a feeling as to what type of business you run. Is your business fun and creative with out of the box thinking or is it a by the books, get problems solved quickly type of business? Either way you should try to convey this in your company’s name and logo.

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The Curse Of Time Versus Money For Entrepreneurs

1x1.trans The Curse Of Time Versus Money For EntrepreneursWhen you are an entrepreneur, there is an everlasting battle being fought against cost.  Often times, small business owners and entrepreneurs focus on cost in terms of dollars and cents, but the overlook the costs in terms of time.  It is very important to recognize and respect the distinction.  I know in the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, I searched long and hard for how to make a business work on a shoestring budget; even a zero budget.  Sure enough, if you seek, you shall find.  The problem is, in many cases when you eliminate a cost in dollars it increases the cost in time.  The most common example is doing things yourself as opposed to paying for someone else to do it for you; whatever “it” might be.

After you finish reading this post, you may be able to find money or resources you didn’t realize you had.  read carefully and at least consider the suggestions and ideas presented here and I am confident that you will be able to have more money to put towards your business and more time to spend on the things that matter most.

To keep things in terms of marketing and business, let’s look at SEO, for example.  SEO might seem to some to be some sort of magical skill that only techies or high-level marketing firms can handle and perform effectively.  The truth is, anyone can learn and implement SEO.  Here is where the cost comparison comes into play though.  You can either spend time to learn SEO and then spend time implementing it or you can pay someone for this service.  If you do it yourself, you are saving money, but the time being spent to perform SEO tasks is time that could have been spent focusing on the primary goals of your business.  So it comes down to the value you place on your personal time as well as the time being diverted from other things that need to be accomplished.

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Squeeze More Value Out Of Your RSS Feed

This is anothe1x1.trans Squeeze More Value Out Of Your RSS Feedr post that I originally shared on Etsy.  I definitely wanted to bring it over to the blog.

This is a cool trick that uses your RSS feed to automatically generate traffic and build backlinks to your sites. That’s right; automatic.


What is RSS?

For those of you who are not familiar RSS, it stands for Real Simple Syndication; not to be confused with Etsy shop syndication.

There is a bit of a myth that Etsy has done away with RSS feeds for shops. This is not true, they are still there, but you have to know where to look.

In another browser tab or window type in the URL to your shop but add “/rss” to the end of it and hit the “enter” key.

For example, my shop’s RSS feed URL looks like this:

Basically, it shows the last 10 things that were listed in your shop.

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How To Put Google Analytics On Facebook

Sometimes it is handy to know how to put Google Analytics on Facebook. If you need a way to do this, this tutorial gives you a very simple way to do exactly that.

You will need two things in order to make this work:

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How To Reach The Friends Of Your Facebook Fans

I wanted to point out one of 1x1.trans How To Reach The Friends Of Your Facebook Fansthe downsides of a fan base created largely out of Facebook Ladders and Like Sharing.  Then I want to show you how to reach the friends of your Facebook fans.

Getting Facebook Fans Using Ladders

If you don’t already know what Facebook Ladders are or what Like Sharing is, they are powerful ways to grow your Facebook fans.  The idea is simple.

  • Someone posts a “Ladder” or “Like Share” in their timeline
  • Each participant leaves one or more comments for this post containing a link to a Facebook Fan Page (referred to as a “shout out”)
  • Each participant visits each of the fan page links left in the comments using their personal profile and clicks the “Like” button.

There are several variations of the but the overall effect is the same.  The fan pages that are included in these comments get lots of “likes” or new fans.  Not only does this grow your fan base, but it is real people.  Since the fan base is made of real people, it means the respective fan page posts have a chance to get seen by many people and potentially experience some viral action.

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Brand Recognition – How To Spread The Word About Your Brand – Free Video

This is a great video for anyone who is trying to get their brand noticed.  It’s easy to forget that what it takes to get noticed isn’t about carpet bombing your target market with your brand image and products.  It’s important to capture the attention of the people who are interested and then leverage those people to get the word out.

Press Release Power – More Links And Higher Rankings

I am going to tell you a little about the u1x1.trans Press Release Power More Links And Higher Rankingsnder-used over-looked power of press releases. A press release is one of the finest examples of marketing power available for 3 big reasons:

  1. Traffic
  2. Backlinks
  3. You can compete for high competition keywords

Search engines like news and press releases and so they give them a little more special attention compared to the ranking of websites. The trade-off is higher rankings over a shorter amount of time for press releases compared to long term rankings for webpages.

So in short, you can rank well for hard to get key terms, but the exposure is relatively short lived. There is a way to lengthen this exposure that I will get into later in this post.

With exposure comes traffic and if the press release is written with content relevant to your site or shop, then the traffic will be valuable targeted traffic. Remember, it’s better to have a few visitors that buy compared to many visitors that do not buy.

The real bonus to press releases is the backlinks it creates. Just one submitted press release can create a valuable backlink to your site or shop. In some cases, you can create anchor text backlinks back to your site or shop which increases the value of that backlink.

On top of that, press releases tend to get syndicated by other sites which means the backlink multiplies it’s value since that one link will turn into links from other sites. This has the potential to explode.

I have used this technique myself and have seen 3 press release submissions turn into 12 or more backlinks.


How To Create A Press Release

There are two basic options:

1) Have it written for you.

– or –

2) Write it yourself.

I am a fan of writing these myself. The reason for that is that I have intimate knowledge of what it is I am trying to promote and the formula for press release writing is fairly simple.

There are 2 main keys to writing press releases:

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Sneaky Keyword Research Trick

1x1.trans Sneaky Keyword Research TrickThis was posted in the Etsy forums by us shortly after the Handmade Marketing shop was opened.

This is a handy trick for figuring out the best keywords to use for your shop items. I haven’t really seen anyone talk about this yet, but some of you may already know this trick.

It’s a keyword tool that is right under our noses!

Have you ever noticed that when you start typing in the Etsy search box that it tries to guess what you are looking for by giving you real-time term matches?

You can actually use this to your advantage. That key term matching is based on the commonly searched on keywords and phrases. As vendors, this helps with trying to know how to title, describe, and tag your items.

How Does This Help?

Knowing what words people use to find what they are looking for means that you can use those same words to describe your items. This can help you in two main ways:

1) Traffic – Naturally, if you are optimizing your listings using words that people search with, your items will have a better chance of showing up in the search results.

2) Relevancy – Sometimes vendors will use very few words to describe their items. While they may be extremely accurate, fewer words means less exposure.

Both of these are very closely tied together and the key to it is balance. You don’t want to use too few words and you don’t want to use too many and here is why:

Part of the reason we all work so hard to make sure the right keywords in the right places is not to just attract traffic, rather it is to attract “targeted” traffic.

I would rather have 8 visitors out of which 6 buy something than have 100 visitors out of which 2 buy something. Make sense?

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