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Did You Know We Had A Split Personality?

Early Transformation Of Handmade 1x1.trans Did You Know We Had A Split Personality?Marketing

Yep!  That’s right.  Handmade Marketing (the brand) has a bit of a split personality.  When we first started out, the main focus was on those businesses that consisted of people who made things by hand and needed help marketing what they made.  After we got started, we noticed that a lot of the things we were talking about to people and sharing on the blog and social networks was information that worked for pretty much any type of marketing.

So, we decided to have a broader view and offer a broader coverage for business types that we would be addressing.  Things were going well for a while and then we joined forces with another up and coming marketing and social media expert named Juliana Crawley.  We decided to build a brand to address marketing in general in a very educational style.  So, we started Strategic Marketing EDU.  We invite you to come check it out whether you are a handmade business or not.  We have only just started, but we already have a couple of hangouts that we have done.  NOTE:  The first one had some audio problems, but the second and most recent one had much better sound.  We will be doing these regularly, so check back from time to time to see the new ones and join in when you can.

So, what does this mean for Handmade Marketing?

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Hanging Together By A Thread

1x1.trans Hanging Together By A ThreadOne of my biggest handicaps is my habit of spreading myself too thin.  I have always been interested in too many things at the same time.  Add to that a seemingly endless string of thoughts and ideas and it can make for a real mess when trying to get anything accomplished.  Sometimes I can’t even get all my thoughts down before I am distracted by another.  Now, some people might view all this as a bad thing.  A good while back, even I thought it was kind of a bad thing.  However, I realized that if I could get a handle on it and improve my ability to focus, it could be a very good thing.

It hit me one day when I heard someone complaining about writer’s block.  I’ve heard similar complaints from many people over time about writing, painting, coding, and all sorts of other creative areas.  When I got to a point in life where I needed to actually harness some of my ideas, I could see that an endless flood of ideas would be a marvelous thing.  The bad news is that this is just the first step… realization.

Realization is a very very powerful tool for transforming one’s self.  Next comes doing something about it.  So, what does one do in order to harness an incoming flood of thoughts and ideas.

Organization Is Key

I’ve always struggled with organizational skills, but in the pursuit of fulfilling a need, improvements must be made.  The need?  In general, the need is to turn some of the thoughts and ideas into reality.  My thoughts are often leaning towards entrepreneurial pursuits, so there is usually something business-y up my sleeve.  I’m not perfect, but I have come a long way.  If you are like me and struggle with sorting what is important and what is not and prioritizing what needs to be done, I highly recommend “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey.  It’s a great way to start down the path to being more efficient and organized.

Aside from reading material to understand the fundamentals of organization, there are a number of tools I have tried while on my path to better focus and accomplishment.  The big thing for me was finding a way to capture my ideas and grow them.  The ones I have come to settle with are: Read more

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Infographic: Why Content for SEO

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1x1.trans Infographic: Why Content for SEO

Content marketing and SEO go hand in hand. When creating content for SEO, you should be focusing on the quality of the content over the quantity. Keeping that in mind, the infographic below from Brafton, explores how …


Anthony Hall‘s insight:

With all of the buzz going on about Social Media, I am finding that people are shying away from SEO and Search Engine Marketing.  However, the truth is that it is still very viable and should not be discarded from your marketing bag of tricks.

As a matter of fact, SEO and Social Media blend very nicely together as one feeds into the other.

Now, you don’t have to be a super SEO guru to get the benefits from it.  Learning how to identify high traffic keywords in your niche that you can optimize your content with is easier than you might think.

Then, by following some simple guidelines for how to structure and optimize your content, you will find that the bulk of the work is practically en-grained in the process of creating the content in the first place; once you get the hang of it.


Then, simply by sharing your content across your social networks, you can build a web of related information which will, by the nature of the internet, boost your website rankings which will cause a website to gain even more traffic.


There are plenty of places online you can learn the simple side of SEO for free.  Be sure you make some time to either learn it yourself or invest some money in having someone handle it for you.

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Kicking This Thing Off

Ok!  So, I finally am getting around to getting the blog portion of this site started.  I know from an external point of view, it must seem as though I am dragging my feet, however; this is not quite true.

Unfortunately, I have a rather terrible habit of involving myself in too many projects at once.  As such, this site has gathered a bit of dust.  I am making this site one of my main focuses and plan to create something like a platform for marketers of handmade goods to learn and grow and, of course, sell more of their things.

We have been doing some testing as much as we can in order to find a cost effective way for online shop vendors to leverage the power of internet marketing techniques without the need to divert their attention from what they do best.  In other words, we are trying to create an online marketing service to boost traffic and sales for online shop vendors.  So far, things are going well, but the tests are still going… so more to come on that.

Keep an eye out for more.  We will be adding more content and changing the site a little bit, but ultimately, we are trying to provide some good information and opportunities for those who need and want it.

Until next time, happy marketing to you!