Did You Know We Had A Split Personality?

Early Transformation Of Handmade 1x1.trans Did You Know We Had A Split Personality?Marketing

Yep!  That’s right.  Handmade Marketing (the brand) has a bit of a split personality.  When we first started out, the main focus was on those businesses that consisted of people who made things by hand and needed help marketing what they made.  After we got started, we noticed that a lot of the things we were talking about to people and sharing on the blog and social networks was information that worked for pretty much any type of marketing.

So, we decided to have a broader view and offer a broader coverage for business types that we would be addressing.  Things were going well for a while and then we joined forces with another up and coming marketing and social media expert named Juliana Crawley.  We decided to build a brand to address marketing in general in a very educational style.  So, we started Strategic Marketing EDU.  We invite you to come check it out whether you are a handmade business or not.  We have only just started, but we already have a couple of hangouts that we have done.  NOTE:  The first one had some audio problems, but the second and most recent one had much better sound.  We will be doing these regularly, so check back from time to time to see the new ones and join in when you can.

So, what does this mean for Handmade Marketing?

Transforming Back To Handmade Businesses

Now that we have a platform for addressing business and marketing in general, Handmade Marketing (the brand) is going back to focusing on businesses that deal in handmade goods. You don’t have to stop following us if your business does not involve handmade goods, however, you may see more and more content that is specific to or leans toward the handmade business.  The information we cover will still likely be helpful, since a good portion is the same across all niches and industries, but we want to try to drill down into how a handmade business would market in particular.

It’s hard to say for certain at this time, but my suggestion for everyone would be to keep an eye on both Strategic Marketing EDU and Handmade Marketing as the content and direction will likely vary somewhat significantly.  Each may offer different content, resources, and events.  I would say, keep an eye on both and if you need to narrow it down to just one, see which one is more aligned with what you are doing and go with that one.

I, Anthony Hall, will be reachable through either one, so if I can be of help in either place, please let me know.

I apologize for the lag in updates in these past couple of weeks.  The raising of the new site has taken some of my time away from Handmade Marketing, but now things are starting to run more smoothly, so I hope to get back to some of the plans I had for Handmade Marketing people.  We have some events and resources coming soon to educate about and help with your marketing.  So, keep an eye out… it’s coming.

Best of luck in your business and we will catch you later.  Please feel free to leave a comment and we would certainly appreciate tweets, likes, G+’s and pins and all that good stuff.


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